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Speciality Metal Art

Custom Furniture---Double F Ranch Metal Art constructs furniture that is one of a kind. Each piece is exclusively made for each individual. Order a single conversation table or several tables to match. Order a piece of metal furniture that will last a lifetime. Coffee tables and end tables are made of heavy iron and metal. These tables can be passed down for many generations. Custom order the scene that goes into the table. Call 1-979-299-8115.

Custom Metal Gates and Gate Toppers---Choose a scene on our web or choose one of your own. Put names, brands or initials to personalize a custom metal gate sign. Call for pricing.

Custom Orders---Choose a scene on our web or pick out your own. Put names or brands to personalize a custom metal art item. Take a look and see some of our specialty products. Call for pricing.

Custom Benches and Swings---Choose a scene on our web or pick out your own. Take a look at some of our specialty products. Call for pricing.

Red Cedar Bench with Longhorn Scene

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RED CEDAR BENCH WITH LONGHORN SCENE - Order your bench for a lifetime. The bench is constructed of materials that will last a lifetime. This comfortable bench is ready for the outdoors and has a longhorn scene as the back and Texas stars as the feet. The seat is red cedar that has 2 coats of polyurethane. Horseshoes are put on the arms to have 2 drink holders. It is painted with a satin black. What a great addition inside your home or outside. It can easily be taken apart in 4 pieces. It is 4' long. Call to Order-1.830.584.125

Coffee Table with Roping Scene


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COFFEE TABLE WITH ROPING SCENE-This one of a kind table is 36"X47"X16" tall. It is 250 lbs. constructed of heavy gage metal and iron. It has a western theme decorated with horseshoes for the leg bottoms, and horseshoes on the top corners. Corrugated tin is under the scene to complete the western look. The table is painted in a taupe color. Order this piece of metal art for a conversation table, or custom order one with different art and size. Thanks for looking at our furniture. Call to Order-1-979-299-8115